Modular Green School for Burmese refugee children
Building Trust International
Taak, Thailand

Greendwell has participated in an international design competition arranged by the Building Trust International – developing a green school for Burmese refugee children. For this project, our full G.R.I.D. approach (Green Research-Integrated Design) is fully utilized.


“Adaptive learning scape for sustainable children development”


The school is designed with the philosophy of hot and humid vernaculars starting from the siting, massing and orientation, spatial design, layers and materials to maximize shading impact.


Care is taken in material selection and construction method. Modular, durable and assemble/disassemble ability are emphasized for structure and roof whereas others elements are made from organic, local, and non-toxic materials, to reduce non-renewable resource footprint. These materials can be acquired at local hardware store and the whole facility can be built in a short time by two people with basic construction skill and transported with general pick-up truck.



open space ratio -
green area ratio -


semi indoor area
all natural ventilation
adjustable shades


local and renewable materials
modular construction


indoor savings -
outdoor savings -


kWh / sq.m. -
annual savings -
w/ passive design -