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Single Detached House





The house is designed for a family with two young children. Located in a dense residential area of Bangkok, the site poses a few design challenges, specifically visual frontage and wind access. The house is designed to be located further on the north side close to the perimeter to help create some frontage when entering from the main road on the south. The main living-dining area has a high ceiling height with a long strip of clerestory opening on the top and strip window at the bottom of the north-facing wall to introduce daylight while maintaining privacy, as the north-facing side is adjacent to neighboring houses. The house is designed to enhance connectivity between family members through the central ‘internal’ courtyard space which is the main living space. Natural ventilation is possible by placing the main ventilation openings on the windward and leeward sides, optimized with wind simulation to ensure sufficient wind flow.

Photo Credits: GreenDwell, Dsign Something

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