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Raintree International School


Architectural Design, ESD


1,500 sq.m.


Completed 2017

Project Type:

K-12 Education

Bangkok, Thailand

Award / Recognition

Gold Medal, Emerging Architecture of the Year 2019, Association of Siamese Architect (ASA)

Inspired by the school’s Reggio Emilia approach, the 8-classroom kindergarten design recognizes children not as the target of instruction but as active constructors of knowledge themselves. With this approach, the environment is  a child’s ‘third teacher’ and children could express themselves freely in an environment that fosters a sense of exploration, interaction, and expression of ideas.

The school’s goals are to foster creativity and communication, while developing each unique child within our community of lifelong learners. Architecture plays a vital role in helping the children connect to one another and to nature.

Children recollect their learning experiences with their school environment. 

Designing educational space which fosters delightful learning experiences could help to take part in creating pleasant memories and nurturing kids who are nature-loving, creative, and engaged with the world around them.


The wind channel between the front and back building serves as multi-purpose "charn" space, as in traditional vernacular architecture,  and has become a popular spot during free time.

The building was conceived as a 2-storey section of connected indoor, semi-outdoor, and outdoor learning space, sweeping under clusters of existing trees, forming two inner courtyards. The narrow and curved plan enhances wind access through the site, especially at the semi-outdoor space which would be used for free learning. The courtyards are connected via the central transitional space, so called the ‘wind channel’, to enhance through-wind from the back towards the front court.

Building environmental simulation is used to predict and refine the design to maximize daylight and optimize natural ventilation.

The curved clerestories are facing the courtyardsshaded by the trees to provide diffuse daylighting to the learning space.

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