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Green Building Consultancy  |  EGO Factory







GD has provided green building consulting for n7a Architects for a garment factory project. The program comprises of 3 separate buildings: Showroom, Office, and Factory. Environmental simulation tools were conducted since conceptual design to assess massing location and orientation of each building, integrated with site planning design, to reduce the amount of heat gain into the building. The garment factory is not air-conditioned; therefore, care has been taken in optimizing the facade to reduce solar radiation through the use of buffer zones such as storage and restrooms to protect work areas.

Facade shading performance was simulated and analyzed to balance between shading impact vs. daylighting access. These have resulted in the selection of perforated aluminum shading as external layer treatment. The angle and thickness of perforation has been optimized for each facade orientation. Efficient energy systems such as lighting and process loads are selected such as the use of high efficacy lighting system with optimum mounting height in combination with daylight sensors.

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