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Interior  |  K. Rati and K. Piraya's House

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Single Detached House





The house for a family of four is located in an extended family’s plot of land with existing homes of the owner’s parents and sibling. The design strives to balance openness to existing contexts while being able to maintain the family’s privacy. The entry porch with reflecting pond is designed with operable louvered panels which act as curtains to open or close the house from outside as needed. The main living space is set inward with views on both the “connecting” side and the private courtyard side. Due to the site’s orientation constraints, the main living space is facing east-west; still, this configuration helps to provide cool and breathable space inside. The owner enjoys cooking and hence, cooking space, both Thai and western kitchen, are methodically designed to maximize space usage and are well ventilated. The house zoning surrounding a courtyard allows each family member to enjoy his/her own activity while maintaining connection with one another.

Scope of services: Architectural and interior design

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