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Green Building Consultancy  |  Larn Chalerm Phrakiat for King Rama IX 


Public learning facility





This project is a design competition entry for the new Lan Chaloem Phrakiat public learning facility, which is being planned as a new landmark for the city of Bangkok in commemoration of King Rama IX of Thailand, for his Majesty’s 80th birthday. Since His Majesty is the most prominent advocator for sustainable development in Thailand, N7A Architects have decided to demonstrate the idea of sustainability in their design–which translates to architecture that takes full advantage of, yet minimizes its effect on, the natural environment.

Working closely with the architect, GreenDwell has contributed to the design through careful study and environmental simulations of the site condition to determine the most energy efficient placement of program and systems, along with verification of sustainable design strategies such as day lighting and rain catchment system, in order to bring N7A’s vision into feasible reality.


The design entry was selected as one of the five finalists.

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