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Educational  |  Lycée Français International de Bangkok Kindergarten







Greendwell was commissioned to design a new kindergarten campus for Lycée Français International de Bangkok. The program consists of K1-K3 classrooms, an exercise room, a library, outdoor and indoor playground, including supporting areas. The design focused on the concept of ‘difference’, to use architecture as a display of varying responses to the different natural forces and use that as a teaching tool.

The building clusters allow for ventilation access into the main play court, with consideration to existing school campus and future buildings. Classrooms are designed to face north-south orientation for better heat prevention. Shaded and usable area are maximized to reduce the needs for air conditioning in common areas, supplemented with ceiling fans. All classrooms are designed and simulated to ensure sufficient natural light into the learning space. Each classroom can be partitioned to suit smaller groups of language class.

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