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Single Detached House





(Under Construction)

Located in Saraburi province facing Pa-Sak river, this house is designed for a family of three, where each family member has specific requirements on his/her own personal space to suit their daily activities. The design team has worked hard to balance each member’s needs while maintaining family connectivity. The main living space is divided into three parts, enclosing a courtyard, providing enough distance for privacy while visual connectivity is maintained. A semi-indoor shared space is provided for family gathering when needed. Existing trees were preserved and have become distinctive feature of the court, providing shading, and bringing nature closer to the dwellers’ daily routine. Another challenge lies in the site’s shape which is narrow at the entryway where most of the annual wind is coming from. The design team has raised the functional space in that area to the upper floor and pushed the front mass inward, providing path for the wind to enter the main living space on the waterfront side. This courtyard house can be used comfortably year-round, providing peaceful escape from bustling traffic outside.

Scope of services: Architectural and interior design

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