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Commercial  |  Pasco Eco-Restaurant







GD provided integrated green design-consulting services for this restaurant, targeting to be TREES-NC Certified by the Thai Green Building Institute. The restaurant is designed with to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient and delightful. The owner would like it to become a must-visit stop for tourists and would like its architecture to blend well with the natural setting of Khao Soi Dao.


The design team has placed the waterfall as a part of semi-outdoor dining area. This waterfall enhances evaporative cooling strategy and filters the dust from tapioca fields. Water cycle is integrated into the design consideration to reduce potable water. Water for the waterfall will be treated through the designed constructed wetland which is a part of the entry plaza before cycling back to the system or collected in the recycled water tank for toilet flushing of existing gas station’s restrooms.


The building itself is designed with tropical design approach with the focus on passive design strategies scoping down from site planning, building massing and functional allocation, landscape design, as well as considering the different time-of-use of each space.

Unconditioned area acts as thermal buffer to conditioned area and shaded envelope with abundant daylight, to create a pleasant dining experience. The dining area’s facade is fully operable to allow for user’s flexibility for natural ventilation.

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