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Residential  |  Nichada 194


Single Detached House





The house is designed for a family who loves to relax in a shaded and breezy living area, which may not need to be conditioned all the time.


With the plot size and neighboring houses towards the north and south, the team has conducted overshadowing and ventilation simulation which have shown limited wind access on the back half of the plot. The main massing is oriented north-south to reduce solar gains and wind channels are designed at main circulation areas to improve wind access into the main living space at the back. The owner prefers that the main living space is located on the upper floor for better views and ventilation. Therefore, the bedrooms are located on the ground floor.


South-facing, stepped semi-outdoor living space on the upper floor flows from the front towards the back, shading the main living areas, weaving all the spaces with shared view of the existing house’s green area. Architectural shades work with landscape in providing the house with comfortable, year-round enjoyable spaces, enhancing wellbeing.  

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