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Educational  |  Raintree International School Expansion

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International Kindergarten





The extension of Raintree International School still preserves the core philosophy of living with nature and for the children to delightfully play underneath the shades of existing trees.


The campus is connected to the existing phase via a curved walkway into a naturally ventilated shared learning courtyard.


All classrooms are located on the ground floor, opening to the learning courtyard and towards green area on the other side. Classroom and play spaces are carved to provide for existing bodhi and pink trumpet trees. The outdoor play area on the second floor is designed with a round activity wall overlooking the shaded shared learning space. Seamless connection between indoor class, semi-outdoor, and outdoor play area is still prioritized as in the first phase. GD’s in-house environmental team has been involved throughout the design phases to ensure that all classrooms receive abundant daylight.

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GD Services: Architectural and interior design

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