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Green Building Consultancy  |  Rastar R&D Headquarter


R&D Office


Shantou, China



GreenDwell has worked with N-O-Architects, the design architect. The design takes an environmental approach from the beginning to drive building form and envelope design, to optimize building performance and human comfort. Unlike the conventional, large and deep office floor plate typically seen in industrial campus, an atrium is introduced for better daylight penetration and natural ventilation during certain period of the year.


Collaborative environment is also created with the circulation loop and functional boxes inside the atrium. The H-shape of the massing frame the view towards the south and the interior court is unfolded to form a transparency statement from the approach road. Sustainability and creativity will become the new branding of the campus.


Climate-context analysis and optimum design responses were integrated since the project inception; therefore, resulting design has been able to locally respond to multiple environmental factors, balancing between heating-cooling needs of the building. Quality of life was enhanced through better indoor environmental quality introduced by sufficient daylighting and optimized facade design which provides thermal comfort for building occupants.

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