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Early Years Courtyard


K-12 Bilingual School





GreenDwell has been commissioned to design a new campus for SBS Bangkok, Thailand’s leading IB PYP and Cambridge program school. Situated on a 9-rai plot in Lad Krabang and spanning 15,000 square meters, the school accommodates students from Pre-Nursery up to M6.


The campus, comprises of Administrative, Primary, Multi-Purpose, and Secondary buildings.

We prioritize three key principles: wellbeing, adaptability, and sustainability. Spaces conducive to teaching and learning are designed with ample daylight and views of greenery. Outdoor multi-functional courtyards with biophilic design and distinct characteristics are integrated between buildings to facilitate various student activities while fostering connection with nature. Learning spaces are adaptable to different teaching methods and learning activities to support the diverse academic journey of each student. Integrated passive design strategies reduce overall energy consumption, complemented by additional rooftop solar panels to further offset energy footprint. Our aim is for the school to serve as an educational tool to promote environmental awareness to the community.


GD Services: 

- Architectural Design

- Interior Design

- Green Consultancy

- Environmental Graphic Design

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